Winning Strategies for Team Building

Winning Strategies for Team Building

Finding new ways to build stronger bonds between our team members is a constant process here at Independent Core Strategies Inc HQ. Through our efforts, we’ve learned that the following practices are effective in forging more productive bonds among our promotional specialists.

Learning together is one of the best ways to build camaraderie, so it’s fortunate that ongoing improvement is a core element of the Independent Core Strategies Inc culture. We’re always pursuing new learning avenues, so bringing our team members together to sharpen skill sets is a natural practice for us. Through internal seminars, travel events, and other methods, we grow closer by adding to our knowledge bases.

Volunteering as a team is also a great way to reinforce bonds, with the added benefit of making a positive impact on the world. We’ve found that this is even more effective when people have a strong voice in deciding which causes to support. We give back to charities that resonate with our team, setting clear goals so we can measure our success.

Whatever we do to build stronger team bonds, we’re sure to have a meeting to assess effectiveness. Team surveys are ideal for this purpose, because leaders get to see exactly what resonated with each person and where improvements can be made.

We use these methods to build closer bonds among our people. Find more of our best team-building insights by following Independent Core Strategies Inc on Linkedin.