Our Well-Rounded Approach to Advancement

Our Well-Rounded Approach to Advancement

Around the Independent Core Strategies office, we understand that everyone has to start somewhere. We’re more than happy to help new team members as they pursue their highest career ambitions. From hands-on training to networking events, our leaders put us in touch with those who can help us advance. Here are a few other strategies we apply to move forward in our careers.

We’re careful to document all the wins we achieve on behalf of Independent Core Strategies. By taking the time to write down the things we accomplish, we’re better prepared to describe what we bring to the table when a promotion becomes available.

Speaking up during meetings is also something we’ve found especially helpful in our career advancement efforts. Every time we share ideas with teammates and supervisors in the room, we build up confidence to keep asserting ourselves. We want to be remembered when we have great ideas, so we aren’t afraid to express them when the time is right.

We use whatever downtime we have to sharpen our skills and learn new ones. TED Talks are some of the most useful resources when it comes to learning on the job. We also take online courses when time allows, choosing from the many free and low-cost options offered by high-profile institutions.

These methods have served us well in our Independent Core Strategies career pursuits. Follow us on Twitter to receive more of our best advancement tips.