Tips for Better Commutes

Tips for Better Commutes

Making our commutes to the Independent Core Strategies Inc office more productive is one of the best things we’ve done for our careers. The following practices have helped us make every trip to and from work a more valuable experience.

Packing snacks for the trip is one simple and often overlooked way to make a commute more enjoyable. We don’t want our blood sugar levels dropping, especially early in the morning. When we don’t have time for a healthy breakfast, we make sure to bring a protein-packed snack with us for the journey to the office.

Of course, we also use our commute time to make the workday itself more productive. By refining our to-do lists in transit, we prepare ourselves to hit the ground running once we arrive at our desks. When we have presentations to deliver, we also use our trips to Independent Core Strategies Inc HQ to collect our thoughts and even rehearse out loud.

Perhaps the most important thing to do when improving the commuting experience is to simply change your perspective. This was the essential first step for us, because it allowed us to think about traveling to and from work as something to be valued. We use our commutes to reflect, strategize, and clear our minds of negative thoughts when necessary.

We’ve turned our journeys to and from work into productive experiences by using these strategies. Find more of our best commuting recommendations by following Independent Core Strategies Inc on Linkedin.