PRESS RELEASE: Independent Core Strategies Inc Team Grows Through Travel

PRESS RELEASE: Independent Core Strategies Inc Team Grows Through Travel

MARLTON, NJ – Independent Core Strategies Inc’s President described a recent networking conference his team members attended. He also offered some of his best tips for adding contacts at big industry functions.

Travel events are some of the best opportunities for advancing professional growth. The members of Team Independent Core Strategies Inc enjoy all types of business trips, with each one offering some kind of unique developmental value. Vincent, the company’s President, remarked, “Our most recent travel event took five of our sales and marketing managers to Dallas for the quarterly networking conference. It was a remarkable chance for our people to learn and forge meaningful connections at the same time.”

Those selected to represent Independent Core Strategies Inc in Dallas were chosen based on productivity and responsibility. The President added, “The team members who were hand-selected were those who have proved themselves to be leaders and are meeting the qualifications to be promoted. The plethora of knowledge they received during the trip will accelerate their career growth even further.”

The conference featured workshops on a wide range of topics, which combined to give team members a broader view of the growth opportunities available in their business. Vincent commented, “Our sales and marketing managers had the chance to exchange information on best practices with people from across the country. They came back to our office not only with fresh additions to their contact lists, but also with innovative ideas for taking their performance to the next level.”

Independent Core Strategies Inc’s President Shares Networking Tips for Big Industry Events

A professional gathering such as the quarterly networking conference obviously offers great potential for adding helpful contacts. Making the most of this potential requires a good plan. The event schedule is a good place to start. Vincent stated, “If you know what types of sessions and speeches will be taking place, you can craft a few relevant icebreakers well in advance. Our sales and marketing managers have strong elevator pitches in mind to go with their conversation starters.”

The President also discussed the importance of setting clear goals before attending any crowded networking event. He explained, “You can’t hope to connect with everyone you see at a function like the Dallas conference. When our team members represent Independent Core Strategies Inc at an industry event, I remind them to set modest goals for how many contacts they want to add. If you focus on a handful of meaningful connections rather than collecting dozens of business cards, your chances of success are much greater.”

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