Helpful Tips for Identifying a Great Mentor

Helpful Tips for Identifying a Great Mentor

Mentorship is one of the key elements of our Independent Core Strategies Inc training program. We also believe having the right mentor is the best way to learn on the job. Here are a few fundamental concepts to keep in mind when it comes to finding the ideal ally for faster career progress:

• It’s Possible to Aim Too High: Your ideal mentor may not be someone who has achieved the heights you want to reach in the long run. It’s likely that the best person to help you is someone who is only a slight notch or two above you on the career ladder. This type of mentor can offer relevant advice and steer you from mistakes you could be at risk of making.

• Research Is Essential: Once you have someone in mind, you need to research that person to find some common ground. When we find potential Independent Core Strategies Inc mentors, we look for a specific thing the person has done to compliment. If he or she has published an interesting article, for instance, we’ll explain why it resonated with us.

• Ask for a Meeting: A personal meeting is the logical next step in your quest to find the right mentor. When you have the chance to speak with the person and pick his or her brain, you can begin a lasting relationship that is mutually beneficial.

We apply these strategies to find the ideal mentors for our career needs. Follow Independent Core Strategies Inc on Twitter to receive more of our best tips for learning on the job.