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Independent Core Strategies, Inc. tailors every campaign to the consumer’s needs. That’s because we know strong results come from knowing a person’s individual requirements. We leverage a powerful approach to guarantee profits you won’t find anywhere else.

Every initiative is deployed by people who have gone through our detailed training program. Each associate quickly learns that storytelling is at the heart of it all. With a foundation of robust data, we generate brand messaging that engages.

Our experts know what it takes to excel.


Let Independent Core Strategies, Inc. connect with consumers through unforgettable experiences. Leave your growth goals with us. It’s that simple!


At Independent Core Strategies, Inc., our leadership energizes our team to create brand connections that capture customer attention.


You don’t have to wait forever for your campaign to launch. We’ll put it together fast and make real-time adjustments.


Ideas travel the world in seconds these days. We know how to make it happen.


Independent Core Strategies, Inc. Boosts Fortune 500s

Independent Core Strategies, Inc. knows how to meet the expectations of some of our nation’s biggest Fortune 500 companies. We serve almost every kind of brand imaginable. Our portfolio contains businesses that focus on everything from telecommunications to beauty products, and we make incredible strides for them all. We’ve proven time and again that we can handle the big players!

Our ability to scale our processes to meet specific needs stems from the unique methods we use for handling campaigns that reach from one coast to the other. It’s essential to build on the established reputations of the businesses we promote, and that’s where it all begins – by training our branding experts on the ins and outs of each company we represent.

Independent Core Strategies, Inc.’s interactive sales and marketing services are used to successfully grow Fortune 500 companies on a large scale. That’s allowed us to develop an incredibly powerful outsourcing model in the process. Our team has what it takes to promote products to targeted audiences and generate fast, sustainable investment returns.


Independent Core Strategies, Inc. Takes Local to New Levels

Playing favorites is often discouraged, but not at Independent Core Strategies, Inc. We absolutely love partnering with local businesses in the Oklahoma region. We’ve mastered how to grow a base of loyal customers for some of the most exciting trendsetters, no matter their size. Innovation is always the name of the game with us.

Local markets can be tough to break into, but we’ve got experience doing just that. We know how to connect at the right level to generate sales and name recognition. As companies grow, our campaigns scale with them. We’re invested in staying ahead of the curve.

The bottom line is that new companies working with us can count on breaking out of start-up mode fast. That’s the Independent Core Strategies, Inc. promise.

We always strive for the next level of excellence.

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